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Back Pain

Back Pain

Do you have back pain? Do you get niggles from time to time or achy after a day at work? Do you feel tight or stiff after sitting or standing for a while? Is it something you have had treatment for, but it still comes back?

Current accepted treatment methods may alleviate your pain, but not always rid you of your complaint. Why? Maybe the pain you endure is as result of something that has not yet been assessed? At Physical Solutions, we have a major focus on assessing the whole picture. Not only do we analyse your area of concern, but using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, we are able to provide you with a movement diagnosis that can highlight weakness, stiffness, imbalances and poor control in areas away from the back that can be the driving factor to causing your pain. The body is a system and as such, all links in the system must be examined to determine what is causing the breakdown or inefficiency.

Whether your pain is post-operative, recurrent, chronic, a niggle you’ve had for years or a knock from the weekends game, we can address your issue and guide you down an individualised rehabilitation path that allows you to reach your movement potential.




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