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Injury Screening and Prevention

Injury Screening and Prevention

If you feel muscular fatigue after physical activity lasting for more than about two days this may be the body’s way of telling you there is a problem. A thorough analysis of the way your body moves will identify any asymmetry or imbalance that contributes to your pain.

Physical Solutions offers an injury screening program for clients who would like to prevent injury, have had a previous injury or would like to perform better in their sport.

We use an innovative system to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients. We perform an analysis of your mobility and stability comprised of seven fundamental movement patterns. Based on this analysis, we tailor a training program for you.

You can read more about our Selective Functional Movement Assessment here.

The training program we generate for you will teach you to improve the weak points in your body. This will correct your current injury as well as prevent any future injuries including low back, hip, knee and foot pain. Contact us for an initial assessment today. A one-on-one or small group class—or alternatively self-management—is recommended to ensure you are best equipped to correct any problems. We are also happy to accommodate your treatment needs.




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