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Weight Loss Management

Weight Loss Management

At Physical Solutions we have highly trained staff who can assist in developing an individualized and specific exercise program to ensure you are on track for weight loss success. We consider not only your lifestyle and health risk factors but we assess your functional movement and assist you in determining your goals.

Our belief is that the key to your weight loss is through efficiency of movement. People often commence weight loss ventures and are met with physical limitations be it pain, stiffness, tightness or injury. Once you reach this point, motivation takes a hit and exercise can become less of a priority. Also, is the stiff person with restricted movement likely to burn more or less calories than a person who has full movement? Could this be why your previous endeavor to lose weight proved unsuccessful?

Physical Solutions Physiotherapy prides itself on ensuring the body is adequately prepared for loading and exercise to reduce the risk of pain and injury in the future. All of our staff has been trained using the Selective Functional Movement Assessment – a screening tool used to help in finding your movement impairments from head to toe. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Once you are efficient with your movement – you get the green light to go.  A program will be carefully designed for you depending on your training environment (1v1 sessions, group classes, home programs, gym programs, outdoor programs) and can include corrective exercises to ensure movement efficiency, strength training and cardio.

Contact us today if you wish to discuss your weight loss plan. Take control today to avoid the problems of tomorrow.



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